General features of the cargo lıners;

The cargo liners are produced according to the model of your vehicle and cover up the entire surface when placed in the cargo compartment of your vehicle. The liners, which are produced in OEM standards, are fireproof and are produced with odorless raw material.  The cargo liner is, due to the first class polyethylene lamination on the liner surface, liquid repellent and provides sound isolation.

The material thickness of the product is 3.5 mm; the height of the barriers on the sides are 3 cm, in order to protect the original liners of the car from liquids, dust etc.

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Why are NonWoven cargo liners different?

Our cargo liner, which is produced with a different raw material than the common cargo liners, is non-flammable and has a self-extinguishing structure, which makes it an indispensable product in the automotive industry. Thanks to the polyethylene lamination on the liner surface, our product not only provides excellent insulation to your vehicle for sound and vibrations, but also protects the cargo compartment of your vehicle from liquid leaks. In addition, due to the non-slip material  of the cargo liner and the internal sets on the product, the slippage of materials you place in your cargo compartment will be minimized, which provides safety inside the car.


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Light Weight
No Smell
Sound Isolation